Organic Argan Oil

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Organic argan oil

Skin type: All skin types.

Concerned with: Dryness and flaccidity


Product Description

Dry body skin, irritated and/or lacking firmness? Pure argan oil feeds and moisturises in depth and gives the body skin elasticity. Pure organic oil from the first cold pressing of argan nut kernels. Mixed with face creams it has a strengthening and proactive affect on the facial skin. Applied pure as a body moisturiser it gives hydration and firmness and a spectacular golden look. 100% natural product from organic agriculture.

How to use: Apply on skin slightly dampened with water for best penetration and massage until absorbed. For the face apply only 2 or 3 drops. To maximise its effects it is advisable to do a body and/or face exfoliation before applying the pure oil. It can also be used by adding a few drops of the oil to face or body creams or shampoos for nutrition and to make them more effective.

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